Thursday – August 17, 2023

Micah 1-4; Psalm 10; Matthew 24

by Becky Hill Martin


Ever been caught doing something wrong when you were a kid? I was the Queen of Mean to my little brother. I once gave him a piece of soap shaped like a lemon and told him it was lemon candy. I don’t know if mom was angrier at me for giving him the soap, or because there was a big bite out of her bathroom décor.  Another time, she caught me in the mall (yes, it was the 80s) when I was supposed to be at chorus practice after school. To this day, she never told me how she always knew when I was up to something nefarious. She just had this mom “Spidey-sense” and managed to catch me in the act.

If Jesus came back today and caught you in the act, what would that act look like? Would you be like the Israelites in Micah’s time – pretending to be Christian, yet doing all the wrong things?  Or would you be living expectantly – like God is watching and coming back at any second?

God is watching. He is coming back. So don’t lose your sense of urgency and passion for living a Holy life. Our job isn’t to know when Jesus is coming. Our job is to be ready for His return and get caught in the act of living a Christ-like life.