Bible Reading

Reading God’s Word is crucial for a vibrant and growing spiritual life. We are reading through the New Testament together. One chapter a day, 5 days a week.  Our reading plan can be found below. Join the discussion online on our facebook group


Prayer is an important part of our relationship with God. It’s not reserved for spiritual superstars. Prayer is simply having a conversation with God. There’s no one way to pray, but here’s a template that you can use to connect to God through conversation

P – Begin with PRAISE. Praise is showing adoration for who God is, what He can do, and what He has done.
R – Next, REPENT. What is repentance? It is recognizing our shortcomings and turning away from them. God isn’t surprised by anything you bring to Him. So do not be afraid to admit to him those things that fall short of His standard for your life.
A – Then, ASK. God wants us to ask Him for things in our lives. Like any father, He wants His children (that’s us) to come to Him with our requests.
Y – Finally, YIELD. Prayer is not just asking God for what we want; it is putting ourselves in a position to want what God wants. We must pield to his plan and his purpose above all.