Journey Kids
6 weeks – 5th grade

We are leading children to follow Jesus at every stage of their life. We use age appropriate, Biblically based lessons to help students connect what the Bible says to their young lives.

We provide a safe place for children to learn during the worship service by providing trained staff and volunteers.

All Journey Kid Environments Open 20 minutes before each service or event.

Meet Our Team

Stacy Cook
Journey Kids Director

Jennifer Tapia
Preschool Director

Kelsey Miner
Babies / Toddlers

Chris Baker

Parent Partnership
If your child is beginning to ask questions about becoming a Christian, we want to serve you!
Our team is available to meet with your child one-on-one if you wish, or we will be most happy to supply you with some resources and knowledge to lead your child to Christ. See any of our Journey Kids Team members or email

The safety of your child is a priority for our ministry. Here’s how we plan to care for and protect them:

  • we screen volunteers – including criminal background checks
  • we set boundaries – no adults alone with children, bathroom policies ect.
  • we have strict pick-up and drop-off policies
  • we take safety seriously
  • we consider allergies
  • we message parents during service if assistance is required


A full list and detailed descriptions of our guidelines are available in the lobby at Kids Check-In, Starting Point, or at any time by request.