Fri – April 28, 2023

David and Goliath

1 Samuel 17; 1 Chronicles 2; Acts 12

Jesse didn’t send David to kill Goliath, and his brothers sure didn’t want him there, but there David was.  In a position that the whole army had run from, and that would change the course of his life and the lives of so many others.

Everything David did in his life prepared him for this place he’d been led to.  David didn’t leave his father’s house that day with any other thought than to obey his father, and report to him how his brothers were. But David was prepared.  He had done the job that were given to him, and he did them well.

Whether David was rescuing a sheep, or delivering food to his brothers, David was prepared.

Are we always preparing for what God has in store for us?  Will we be caught off guard?  In the moment that it matters, will we be able to stand before our giant?  Because being honest, it’s not if we face a giant, it’s when.  Will we be as prepared as David, or as scared as his brothers?

Even with the readiness of David, we will need the strength of the Lord to carry out His plan, but if we ate lax in preparing, we sure make it harder than it has to be   David didn’t even break a sweat killing Goliath  One shot!

I can choose to decide that the daily preparing of obeying God aren’t worth the extra time in the day. To get up early to read the Word or turn off the devices and focus on our prayer life just isn’t important enough .  Besides, there is always tomorrow, right?  I can catch up then.  But what if tomorrow is the day I was supposed to be preparing for?

Forgive me, Father, when I think I am too busy for you  I am so grateful that You are never to busy for me.  Thank You that you never think I’m not worthy of your attention…Amen!