Fri – April 7, 2023

Joshua 4-6; Luke 21

Luke 21:2-He also saw a poor widow put in two small copper coins.

Jesus watched as the others placed their gifts in to the treasury.  Probably each donation carefully calculated. Budgeted, if you will.  Then He saw this poorly widow woman place all she had ( 2 coins) into the treasury.

When we give, we should be led by our hearts, and not our pocket books, or our day-planner.  Whether it is money, or our time, we need to give with our hearts.

A memory came up the other day on Facebook, where I had written, “I have nothing to offer God that He doesn’t already have.”

My pocket book, or being first in line to get inside the church won’t secure my place in heaven.  Setting out the most chairs, or leading the biggest small group.

Honoring God, and giving and doing with the right heart is the way I can please God.  Anything I do outside of that is worthless.

How can I use my time in the best way to honor God?  How can become more aware of God’s plan for my use?