Fri – Feb 3

Exodus 13-15; Psalm 114; Ephesians 3

By Lori Rowell

Should I stay or should I go?

Moses told the Israelites to stand firm, and to be still. But God said, “Why are you just standing there?”

This seems in contrast to what God says in Psalm 46:10, “ Be still and know that I am God.”

Pastor Brandon spoke this past Sunday about taking verses out of context, or speaking partial verse. He said we must look at the entire context. Who said it? What was happening?

In Psalm 46, the Psalmist sings of standing still to exalt God for his goodness and greatness. For the things He has done, and will do for us.

But we must have enough faith to move forward when we need to. Trusting that when we move, He goes before us and also beside us.

Even in Ephesians 3, Paul talks of being a servant to Christ, and that there is work to be done for the kingdom of God. We can’t stand still and wait for God to rescue us. If the Israelites had stood firm , and been still, as Moses said, I can’t help but wonder if God would have parted the Red Sea? How many times have to stood still when it would have been better to move?

Today’s Prayer: Thank you, Father, that You promise to guide my every step. With clouds to keep me out of the scorching sun, and fire to light my way. Father forgive me when I fail to move for You. Convict me when I stall because of fear or lack of faith. Help me remember that the Israelites had no idea what to do when facing Pharaoh’s army, but because they moved when you told them, they were saved. In Jesus name, Amen!


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