Fri -Jan 13

Gen 26-27 Mark 10

Esek, Sitnah, and Rehoboth

Contention, Hostility, Open spaces (the Lord’s blessing)

Isaac was a powerful man.  He could have easily taken that first well, and been done with digging.

Issac was a peaceful man, and more importantly, a Godly man   In  chapter 26, God tells Issac to go where  He leads him, and he will be blessed.  So Issac endured contention and hostility in order to receive the open spaces.  So much more than that very first well would have ever allowed him to have .

In Mark chapter 10, Jesus tells the disciples, that even though they can, they must not lord over people.  That they must endure contention, and strife to achieve the open spaces.

Do things in the moment because they seem to be easier for us right now is not how Jesus tells us to love.  It’s easier to ignore that pesky neighbor.  The troublemaker.  It’s feels better to say what we want to say in the moment of anger.  It’s easier to appear to be better than others who do not live like we live.  But is it worth it?

Today’s prayer:  To remember that beyond my Esek, and Sitnah moments there is Rehoboth.


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