Fri – Jan 20

Written by Becky Martin

Genesis 38-40; Mark 15

Stories of Sex, Betrayal, and Death in The Bible

Wait. What? There were no flannel-graphs on Tamar vs. Judah and Joseph vs. Potiphar’s Wife in Sunday School. Yet, there they are in Genesis 38-39 – the origin stories of almost every episode of Virgin River-Runs-Through-It, Bridger-Outland-ish I (never) binge-watched.

Joseph and Tamar were the victims in these pre-Shakespearean tragedies – imprisoned (Joseph physically and Tamar by cultural standards) for someone else’s sin. And, in Tamar’s case, condemned to die. (Sound familiar? See Mark 15.)

I bet the time-outs when their lives were in limbo seemed like an eternity to them. (Anyone who quarantined for a year knows what I mean.) They probably felt forgotten and wondered when things would finally go their way. Still, they persevered and were faithful.

God rewarded their determination. He rewrote their stories. He set them free and back on the path to accomplishing His Plan.


Lord, when I feel that the narrative of my life reads like a bad telenovela, help me remember YOU are the Author. YOU are the Director, and YOU are the Producer of my life. You love me despite my sin. You know the plans You have for me, and they are far better than I anything I could write for myself.


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