Fri – Jan 27

Genesis 49-50; Galatians 4

By Lori Rowell

If your anything like me, you’ve started, and stopped, and restarted working out.  Building up endurance and muscle.  We know it is good for us, and I know I feel better when I do it.  But inevitably I stop, or let’s say I pause.   I lose muscle strength, and endurance. I become weaker, and start to get those old aches and pains.  Don’t get me wrong, we have those aches and pains when we are exercising, but it’s different.

Joseph’s faith had been put to the test (exercised) many times, and he had endured. He stayed focused, and ran his race.  He didn’t look to left or the right, or focus on the others who seemed to be making more progress than him. He simply continued to exercise his faith, and in doing so was greatly rewarded.

If Joseph had become lazy in faith, he most likely would have ended up like I do when I stop exercising.  Weak, unmotivated, and in a much worse place than where he started.  Just like the Galatians.

Paul is struggling with his emotions as he writes to them because he realizes that their faith has become weak. He reminds them of their faithful works when he was there, and now they have chosen to follow different gods.  They were convinced that the other gods are better. There had to be a quicker easier way! (Can’t you just picture that infomercial?) Just like them, I too, have been convinced there are easier, and faster ways to get into shape, or be healthier.  And just like the Galatians, I usually wind up worse off than when I started.

Practicing faithfulness is a must in the times when we think life is going good.  It builds those faith muscles to endure when we need them the most.

Today’s Prayer:  Father, I trust you.  I believe You love me more than I could ever imagine.  I believe that your plan for my life is more wonderful than I could hope.  It already is!  Today, I place my faith in You to guide my every step.  I will faithfully go wherever you send in me with confidence that you know the way.  It may be a rougher road.  There may be uncomfortable moments, but I will remain faithful to follow you.  In Jesus precious name.  Amen


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    I am in awe that they carried out their fathers wishes. Thankful God is true to his word.