Fri – June 2, 2023

1 Kings 4, Proverbs 1-2, Psalm 43, Romans 9

In Proverbs 1-2 there are two types of people that are referred to.  The fools, and the wise.

Fools can become wise, and the wise can be foolish at times. As a matter of fact, no one is born with wisdom.  We all are fools to begin with.  To remain a fool is where the trouble lies.  Wisdom is learned.

Fool doesn’t mean a mental deficiency, but a character flaw (Life Application Bible).  Pride, anger, short tempers.  These are examples of character flaws.

To become wise we must continually work on our character flaws.  On this earth, we will never be completely wise.  But God will always be steadfast and merciful to those who love Him and strive for wisdom.

Being wise is more than having knowledge.  It’s living it.  Practicing what we preach, if you will.

My prayer today is to listen before speaking.  To focus more on listening with my heart to the Holy Spirit, and less with my ears to the world.