Fri – Mar 3

Numbers 6-7; Hebrews 13

Traditions, and ceremonies can be time consuming, tidious, and even tiring. But they also can create traditions, and order. They can bring us together. Everyone has a purpose, and each detail has a story of its own. As time passes some details of our traditions may change, but the story remains the same.

In Numbers 7, Aaron and his sons were the first to be anointed and consecrated. With God’s guidance the tradition was set. The Levites would carry on the ceremonies of the tabernacle. They would accept the offerings on behalf of the Israelites, and present them to the altar. They would offer the blood of the sacrifice to the Lord, and the rest they would take outside the camp to dispose of.

Jesus came as our blood sacrifice. His body was taken outside the city.

The details changed but the story remained the same.

Prayer: Most Gracious Father, The only thank you that we have for the sacrifice You made for us is praise and worship. Let our voices song Your praises every minute. Let us live to be as faithful to You, as You are to us. In Jesus precious name….Amen