Fri – March 17

Duteronomy 4-5; Luke 6

In Deuteronomy, Moses reminded the Israelites of the Law. The words the God the Father had given to them. The 10 Commandments were the words to live by.

In Luke 6, Jesus spoke to His followers, the Jews and the Gentiles, of the beatitudes. The new words to live by. The way to eternal life. The new way to live.

Not in place of the commandments, but in accordance with.

The commandments help us know what God expects from us. To love Him above all others. To respect others. Treat people kind.

The Beatitudes teach us how important it is to love and respect others, and to pray for others instead of gossiping and putting them down.

PRAYER: Thank you, Father for all of the word. The commandments and Jesus’ sermon on the Mount.