Fri – March 24, 2023

DEUTERONOMY 26-29, Luke 11

Checking All the Boxes

Years ago my parents bought a car. It was used but was beautiful. Nice paint job, leather seats, all the bells and whistles. Well, all the bells and whistles that the late 70’s, early 80’s had. My dad was so proud. He loved his Audi! (Are they still even around?) This was long before carfax, and such

One day, a young driver backed into my Dad as he waited in the Taco Bell drive thru. No big deal, right? My dad knew a body shop guy, and assumed that it would just be quick fix. Not so much. After inspecting the car, the body shop called to say that there was a bigger problem. It seems this car that my parents loved so much had been a previous accident. Much worse though. Someone had taken 2 different cars and welded together the front and the back at the frame. And not even a good welding job. There were gaps all along where the frame had been pieces together. Not only was this illegal, it was very dangerous.

It was the same with the Pharisees, as Jesus explained in Luke Chapter 11. They checked all the boxes. Shined like a new penny on the outside. Made sure they looked the part to sell the goods. But their insides (hearts), were unlawful, and this made them dangerous.

Like the frame of that car, our hearts must be solid. Not pieced together. We must shine, not only on the outside, but we must be strong, sturdy and steadfast where it counts.

Does my heart tell the same story as my words? If someone were to look inside would they see the same beauty i hope the world sees daily?

Father, let my heart reflect what my words say. Let there never be any doubt about my love for You.