Fri – March 31, 2023

Joshua 9-13, Luke 16

A Heart Divided-   “No one can serve two masters..”.

We can work all of our lives, and serve the god of finances (money), or we can work all of our lives and serve the One True God.

The first will provide us comforts and pleasures in this life. The rich man lived well, ate well, and was, I’m sure, very popular.  He lived his life for the moment. For his time here on earth, with no thought of  his eternal future.

I’m reminded if one of my favorite episodes of The Andy Griffith Show.  Buddy Ebson (Does it get any better than Buddy and Andy?) was trying to convince Andy that Opie should be allowed to makeup his own mind about what was right or wrong. Andy explained that if we as parents allow our children to make those choices with their limited knowledge of consequences, they wind up in a mess.  And sometimes, it too late to fix it.  I think Andy said, and I’m paraphrasing, they grab for the first shiny thing they see and before you know it there’s a hook in it.

The rich man grabbed on to the shiny things.  All the glittered.  The fine life.  And before he knew it, there was hook in it, and it cost him way more than he ever intended to pay.

Father God,  You are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  There is none better.  Forgive me when I focus on the first shiny thing that comes my way.  Forgive me when I stumble and think that there is anything in this world that is better than what You.  have to offer me.  I pray for patience.  To remember that You are all I need to strive for. The rest, You will supply.