Fri – May 26, 2023

2 Samuel 24; 1 Chronicles 21; Romans 4

In 2 Samuel, we are told that God incited David to take the census.  In 1 Chronicles, it says Satan caused David to take the census.  While the scripture doesn’t state why the census was taken, some speculate that is was a prideful act. David wanted an account of all he ruled.   That makes sense.  But why would God be involved in David’s sinful pride? Why would the two books have such a different account of why the census was taken.

Because God can use our sin for His good.  Nothing that happens is ever wasted.  But even when we don’t understand, we are rewarded for our  faithfulness.  Our trust that the Father in Heaven knows our hearts, and loves us in spite of our sinfulness.

Paul reminds us of Abraham in Romans 4.  How his righteousness was rewarded!  First with Isaac, and then with many nations.   Abraham was a man. A human being.  He was sinful by nature, but he was also righteous.  He believed what God had promised.  And that alone earned him the rewards.

My prayer today is to remember that even in the Old Testament, with all of the laws,  even Abraham wasn’t rewarded for his works but for his faithfulness.