Friday – August 11, 2023

Hosea 14; 2 Chronicles 26-27; Psalm 61; Matthew 20

Repentance and Grace

Sometimes we want Grace, without consequence.  We repent, we are forgiven, but still there is punishment for our sins.

Just as we love our children to much to not have consequences for their actions, oh, how much more important are those lessons from our Heavenly Father.

Can you imagine what a household would be like without consequences?  Everyone running around apologizing all the time, but no changes in actions because they only need apologize next time as well.

Our Father never wants us to live in chaos.  Just as we still love and forgive our children, we still have to make the punishment harsh enough to remember the lesson.

“Repentance is leaving what God has prohibited and returning to what He commanded” -unknown

Today I want to thank God for His endless Grace and Mercy, but I also want to live in true repentance.