Friday – August 18, 2023

Micah 5-7; Matthew 25

Let’s get together soon, I’ll call you, and so many more  promises we make.  The life happens, and our words fall by the waste side.

Thankfully for us, our Heavenly Father never breaks a promise.   Micah received word from God about the Messiah years and years and years before it came to pass.  Even though  it took many years-God held true to it.

While God is good to keep his promises of love and prosperity, He also will keep those promises of punishment.

I read somewhere that we live in a world of “watered down” faith.   We choose to see God as the kindly old grandfather figure, whose soul purpose is to hand out gifts.  While that’s a great thought in theory.  Make no mistake.  There are prices to pay for sin and disobedience.

God’s wrath is as real as His love.