Friday – December 8, 2023

Nehemiah 7-9; Psalm 140; Revelation 7


“Prayer for proreaction against those who slander or threaten you. Deliverance begins with concentrating on our future life with God.”.  This is the theme of Psalm 140, according to the Life Application Study Bible.

David prayed that God would protect him from those against him.  David was facing a battle of men.

It’s not everyday that we here in our little corner of the world face the armies  that David was facing, but we should always be just as engaged to pray for protection against our enemies.  Greed, lust, coveting, spreading lies, and gossip, people in places of power that intend to die harm and not good.

Our enemies come in many forms. Human, spiritual, and even our own minds and tongues.   As David was bombarded with his enemies all around him, so are we.

Now, the good news, the same God that fought for David will fight our enemies as well.  All of them!  But we must be faithful to keep our eyes on the victory and the victor, and not the enemy we are fighting.

So I encourage to put on your Armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18) and stand firmly behind the One who is fighting for you.

Keep on praying and focusing on the Victor!