Friday – July 5, 2024

Ecclesiastes 10-12; 2 Timothy 4

by Kelli Smith Simpkins

“Whoever watches the wind will not plant; whoever looks at the clouds will not reap.” – Ecclesiastes 11:4

Despite the many uses of the word “meaningless” found in Ecclesiastes, Solomon is not telling you to curl up in a ball and give up. On the contrary, he’s telling you to hone your skills (10:10), to take action (11:4), and to fear (revere) God (12:13).

Solomon isn’t saying life is meaningless, but that life on Earth is just a blip on the radar compared to eternity. We need to consider how we are spending the time we’ve been given. Are we honoring God with our behavior? Are we waiting around for the perfect conditions before we begin to build our life? How will these choices affect our eternity?

Humor this millennial by going back to the year 2000 and recalling the masterpiece that is Switchfoot’s “Dare You to Move”. Let’s focus on a few paraphrased lyrics: “The tension is here between who you are and who you could be, between how it is and how it should be. I dare you to move, I dare you to lift yourself up off the floor, like today never happened.”

If we’re waiting for the perfect Bible study routine, the perfect small group, the perfect church community, or for ourselves to be perfect, we’ll never begin (Eccl. 11:4). So, carve out some time to sit in your okay-est chair or meet up with a group of fellow imperfect people and spend some time building your relationship with God.

I know you’re afraid of failure. I know you’ve had setbacks. Frankly it’d be weird if you hadn’t. Take the first step to making your life meaningful by living for the One who gave it to you. I dare you.


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