Friday – July 7, 2023

Ecclesiastes 10-12; 2 Timothy 4

When I was young and would hear my parents, or other elders speak of “how time is flying by”, I couldn’t understand that.  It seemed like forever to me until summer vacation, my birthday, or Christmas.  Time was endless in my child‘s mind.  It seemed I was always waiting for something.  The next celebration!

Looking back (which now seems as long ago as I used to think summer vacation was taking to come), life moved way to quickly. Things changed way to fast.  And most of the things that I thought were so important then are as meaningless as the writer says in Ecc 12:8.

Those things that used to occupy my thoughts and time, have now been left behind, forgotten, and broken, like a silver cord, the golden bowl, and shattered pitcher.  (Vs 6)

If we were to seek God like a child who is waiting to open the presents under the Christmas tree, or that first trip to the DMV (because, have we ever been that excited to go to DMV since then?) all of the things we seek here on earth can become more special when we share them with, and seek God.  Before anything else! Because everything without Him is meaningless.

TODAY’S PRAYER:  Heavenly Father, Forgive me when I rush ahead without you.  Today, I want to share with you before the fact, instead of after.  I want to include you in everything from the start, because I realize that nothing I do without You is important.  Self serving  intentions ruin anything I could do in Your name.  Today, I want to seek you first.  In Jesus name, Amen