Friday – June 16, 2023

Proverbs 26-28; 1 Thessalonians 3

When we started reading Proverbs, we decided that being foolish had nothing to do with one’s mental capacity, but was instead, a flaw in their character.

If we give a child the keys to an automobile, they may very well be able to tell you  how to operate it.  But just because they can tell you doesn’t mean we should let them teach us.  They may have memorized the steps, but they can’t possibly understand the dangers of leaving out an important part of the lesson. Or understand the full extent of the damage of not following all the rules of the road.

Those who can speak the words of the Lord may not always be the ones to follow.

Memorization of words,  and Bible verses (especially those used out of context) are useless.  And can be dangerous to our souls.

So how are we to know when the words being spoken are from the wise, or from the foolish?  By being prepared.  By knowing the Word.  By putting on the Armour of God daily.   By surrounding ourselves daily with those who, without a doubt, love the Lord as we ourselves do.

My prayer today, for all of us, is that we not be the fools that lead others astray.  That we are prepared, with not only words we memorize, but hearts that love the Lord, so that those we reach are not led astray by our foolishness.