Friday -June 23, 2023

1 Kings 5, 2 Chr 2, 2 Thess 3

Being asked to lead a project, whether it be for family, our job, our church, or other occasions, is a big deal!   We, hopefully pray first, then plan, prepare, organize,  and delegate for a successful event.  If your anything like me, worry falls in there some place as well.

Solomon was aware that the task before him was a huge one.   In 2 Chr 2:6, he says,  “ Who am I?”.  He knew nothing he could build would ever come close to  being worthy of God, but he knew he had to make a place that would honor God in the only way he knew.

Solomon sent to Tyre for cedar, and other materials.  It was 167km, or 104 miles from Tyre to Jerusalem.  When we think of the means of transportation back then as compared to today, 104 miles took a little bit more time.  Floating those rafts of cedar down the river could not have been easy.  Could Solomon have found closer items?  I’m sure.   He could have it a lot easier on himself.  But he wanted the best.

Our churches (temples) today should be inviting, attractive, and welcoming.   We should all want our place of worship to be these things, but if we lose focus on the reason for wanting others to come and worship, then all of the hard work is for nothing.

The most welcoming thing of a church should be God’s spirit, which is found in us.

My prayer today is that we do not lose sight of what, or who,  we do all that we do for.