Friday – October 6, 2023

Jeremiah 25, 35, 36, 45; Psalm 133; James 3

The taming of the tongue, and harmonious relationships.

Our tongues carry a lot of weight.  We can build up someone, or destroy those around us, causing more damage than a Cat 5 hurricane, or a wild fire in the heat of the summer.

In our small group this past week, a precious soul said she always tries to think, “If I act out today, and then see this person in church on Sunday, what message does that send to them.”

Now in the context of James chapter 3, he is speaking to the teachers of the church, but aren’t we all, as Christians, teachers?

Building harmonious relationships is essential in teaching others about Christ and how He lived, and loved.

James compares the use of our words (tongue) to fire.  Once it is started, there is without a doubt going to be change from that blaze.

My prayer today is that the fire others see in me is a burning for others to come to Jesus.  That I use my tongue to lift others up, and not destroy them.  I pray that my words do not leave doubt about my heart.