Friday – May 3, 2024

1 Samuel 25; 1 Chronicles 7; Acts 17

by Lori Rowell

God worked through Abigail to bring calmness to chaos. David was angry at Nabal for refusing and mocking him. David was about to kill innocent men because of this.

Abigail used calm, wise words to defuse the situation. She pointed out the good in David. She reminded him of his past, and how far he had come. She was the voice of reason.

Because of her ability to remain calm, she was able to save many lives that day. Abigail must have been a woman of discernment. It takes true faith in God to remain calm in chaos.

When we are faced with chaos, do we match energy for energy? Do we join the chaos, or do we become the calm in the storm?

I would love to say, “I am the calm!”, but the truth is I can cause as much chaos as Nabal.

Does anyone else notice the difference in the way David reacts to Saul, and the way he reacts to Nabal? How David remains calm even during fear when dealing with Saul, while reacting so over the top against Nabal? What do you think that means?

Lord, Thank You that You are always the calm. That the storms we face can never be more forceful than you. Help us remember today that matching emotions can be a dangerous thing, with lasting effects. Fill us with peace we need to be calm in all we face today and always. Amen!


  1. Jean says:

    I pray I can be calm in a storm like David