Mon – April 10, 2023

Judges 7-8; Luke 22

I am with you..”

In Judges 6, Gideon was worried about having the weakest tribe to fight against the Midianites.  God said, “I am with you…”.

In Judges 7, He thins the troops even more, and then once again. 300 men went with Gideon to to defeat the opposition.

God didn’t want His presence to be missed in this situation.  Self-sufficiency was causing much chaos for the Israelites.  God reminded  them that He can do much with little

Gideon was concerned about his tribe not being strong enough for the task   He was right.  They could do nothing without God.

John 15:5, Jesus says without him we can do nothing.  How grateful am I that even when I fall from thinking I am totally self sufficient, His grace is sufficient?

Father, You are my strength.  My peace.  My courage.  You are my vine.  Without you, I can’t produce.  Thank you that Your grace is always new and full.  In Jesus name!