Mon – April 17, 2023

Ruth 1-2, Acts 3

I love the story of Ruth.  This young woman gave up everything to care for someone who had been kind to her.  Ruth could have gone back to her homeland and found a husband, and lived a comfortable life.  Instead, she remained loyal, and faithful to her commitment to her husband by caring for his elderly mother.   She made sure Naomi had food to eat by working in the fields from daylight to dark.

In verse 18 of chapter 2, we read that Ruth brought and gave Naomi roasted grain that Boaz had given her.  That verse makes me think that Naomi wasn’t well, and needed tending to.  So, after working all day, Ruth would care for Naomi at in the evening.

I think these chapters say so much about both of these women. The strength, determination, and loyalty of the ladies is inspirational.

Father, I want to live my life like Ruth.  Not thinking of my conveniences, but of caring for others. Strong and determined to serve.  No matter the cost.