Mon – April 24, 2023

1 Samuel 9-10; Acts 8

I can honestly say, I can easily be distracted by a good sales pitch. Ask my husband. Nothing is off limits. If you have fancy hand work and great sales pitch, you stand a good chance to convince me that I can’t live without what your selling.

This is was how Simon operated. He had a good game, probably charming, amd could talk his way out of any situation. He convinced people he was doing Godly work, so they followed him for a long time. Once they heard, saw and accepted the truth, Simon had a hard time convincing people he was the real deal. So hard in fact that he attempted to buy what Philip was offering.

Like a magician, or a carnie, if they can distract, or talk long enough, the enemy can make us believe what we are seeing or hearing is Godly.

Just like with a con man, we must be on guard, and filled with the truth that we can only get in God’s word. It’s like the book that gives you all the secrets to the enemy, and his tricks. But with the slight of hand, we can buy into something dangerous.

Lord, prepare me to be on guard. I am so easily distracted with emotions. Fill my heart and mind with the Holy Spirit. Remind me when I get distracted, and help me focus on you.