Mon – April 3, 2023

Joshua 14-17, Luke 17

Faith-Walk the walk 

The apostles ask Jesus to increase their faith.  Jesus tells the apostles in Luke, verse 6, that faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains.

Jesus knew the didn’t need more faith, they just needed to believe whole heartedly in the faith they had. Claiming faith, and living faithfully are two different things.

In Joshua 17, Caleb wanted only what God had given him.   He had true faith that what God had promised him was all he needed. And that what ever  came next, or needs that arose, God would provide and protect his tribe.  He lived his faith.

The tribe of Joseph, on the other hand, didn’t live their faith out loud.  They wanted more.

Now I can only assume that they truly believed they needed more space. And maybe they did, but they didn’t walk in faith that God would give them all they needed.  They wanted it up front.

Some might say, well, it was Joshua they didn’t trust with the division of the land, but Joshua was as much a leader as Moses was.  He was appointed and anointed by God, and had given them no reason to mistrust him.

Today, Father, help me to walk in faith, and not just say, “I have faith.”  Let Your Holy spiritual remind me, that what I see is enough, because what you offer is so much more than I can imagine.  In Jesus precious name., Amen!