Mon – Feb 13

Exodus 32-34; Philippians 3

The past few days I have been attending my oldest grand daughter’s cheer competition. If you’ve ever attend a sport’s competition such as cheer, you are aware of the waiting. This particular competition was held at Disney World, so in between we visited a couple of the parks, and there was more waiting in line. EVERYWHERE was another line. My family decided to ride a certain ride and I decided to sit and wait for them. I was at the exit for that ride for what seemed like hours. I waited so long my phone battery died. After awhile I was sure I had missed them. I had just asked to borrow someone’s phone to text them and let them know I was going to head back to the car, when I heard my grand daughter calling my name.

The Israelites were impatient. There they were in the desert, and their leader had been gone a long time. And the waiting must have made it seem like even longer. They took matters into their own hands, and convince Aaron to join them in creating their own god. Despite what they had seen, they still doubted that God would not forsake them. Just as I had seen my family walk into the ride, and had watched every person walk out, I was still anxious, and uncertain. Also, I almost missed out on more time in the park with them due to my doubts, the Israelites almost missed God continuing to travel with them.

Waiting on God’s timing can seem excruciating. It can seem like an eternity, but when we practice patience it can’t be anything but better.

Today’s Prayer: Father, Today I will wait on you. I will not grow impatient. I will focus on the things that You have provided and remember that Your promises are still as faithful as You have always been as far as I am concerned. In Jesus precious name.


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