Mon – Feb 20

Leviticus 8-11; Psalm 110; Hebrews 4

When I was a child I had a toy called the Magic 8 Ball. It was a plastic black ball with clear bottom, on the inside was a dice in some liquid.  The idea was to ask the ball a question, shake it up, and the answer to all of your life’s important questions were revealed on the dice, or as important as a 9 year old’s questions can be.

As Moses performed the ordination of Aaron, in verse 8 Moses placed the Urim and Thummim in the breast plate.

Little is known for certain about these stones, but it seems these stones were used to decide God’s Will. The person would ask the high priest the question, the high priest would pray and then pull the two stones out of the breast plate, if they both showed yes, then that was the answer. If they showed no, then that was the answer. If one showed yes, and one showed no, then the answer was “unclear”, and they should, as the 8 Ball would say, “ask again later”.

Aaron and his sons were the go-between, the link, if you will, between the Israelites and God.

In Psalm 110, David sings of a a greater go-between.  The Messiah.  There would be no need for Magic 8 Balls or stones.  There would no longer be the need for blood sacrifices.  He would close the gap between us and our Heavenly Father.   He would make the last blood sacrifice ever needed.

How blessed are we? How loved are we?

Prayer:  Thank you, Father for the ultimate sacrifice. For loving me more than I deserve. Thank you for Aaron, and Moses, and the rest of the Old Testament that were just a faithful in their way or worship as we should be. For their guidance. In Jesus name-Amen


  1. Gwen says:

    Amen thank you Jesus

  2. Jean Roberts says:

    Thank you God🙏🏼