Mon -Jan 16

Genesis 28-29; Mark 11

In verses 23-25, Jesus tells the disciples that if they believe with their whole heart what they pray for, it can be done for them.

What we believe in prayer, we must believe with our whole heart.  It is inconsistent to pray that we believe through God all things are possible, and then speak uncertainty.

God’s Will for our lives will always come to pass, but the more time we spend in growing our relationship with God, we can find that God’s Will is not that different than what we want for our lives

Today’s Prayer:   I pray that my heart, mind, and words align with my belief that through God all things are possible.


  1. Gwen McClain says:

    I like this word! Often when I pray I’m doubting these things are possible for me. This is a good reminder to believe what I pray for

    • Kevin Hill says:


    • Lori Rowell says:

      Gwen, I, too, find myself saying the words and meaning them in that prayerful moment, but it’s so easy for me to get lost in my own mind and doubts when I leave that moment with Him. I am so thankful for a Savior that will always listen again and again.

  2. Dawn Gerlinger says:

    This really speaks to me I tend to worry. And I know I shouldn’t. Love this scripture.

    • Lori says:

      Thank you Dawn. This is something I struggle with as well. What a peace to know that He has no limit on the amount of times He will take it back when we give to him. Sometimes I lay the same thing at His feet 10 times a day. 🙂.