Mon – Jan 2

Happy New Year! I am looking forward to sharing this year’s reading with you. Whether this is your first time to read with us, or you’ve read with us many times, there is no doubt that you will find blessings, and reminders along the way.
Gen 1-2: “in the beginning…”. Everything was new and clean. In the beginning, Adam and Eve were more free than they would ever again be.
Psalm 19: in verse 7, David sings of God’s law, and statutes are good and trustworthy. In Gen chapter 1 , God created the sun and instructed it in the way it was to move. David, many, many years later, was still in awe of God’s amazing power to control the sun as well as knowing his every thought. God’s greatness is very apparent even in the beginning of time. He didn’t just show up when things got rough. He was always there, just as He continues to be.
Mark 1: Verse 1 starts with, “in the beginning”. Only this beginning was very different. John the Baptist was sent before Jesus to prepare the way. He baptized many, but assures them that there is one greater than himself coming soon. Even John himself didn’t understand why Jesus would need to be baptized, let alone, baptized by him. The truth, or reason is that Jesus had to live life as an earthly man, which included being baptized, tempted by Satan, and to witness to other and lead people to follow Him.
Today I am thankful for both beginnings. The Old Testament and the New Testament. Thankful that the same God who created and loved Adam and Eve, loves me just the same.


  1. Dawn Gerlinger says:

    Love reading with u guys