Mon – Jan 30

Exodus 1-3; Galatians 5

Gal 5

In verse 19, Paul talks about the “acts of the flesh”, while in verse 22, he talks of the “fruits of the Spirit”.

The acts of the flesh are just that. Acts or actions. Things we do when we choose to live in the flesh. Actions that we engage in.

When I think of fruit, I think of the growth process. The things that happen inside as the seeds that are planted. Most of goodness of fruit come from the inside. Just like the fruits of the Spirit.

We must cultivate the the fruits of the Spirit, and turn away from the acts of the flesh.

Today’s Prayer: Father, just like the fruit of the land, we, too, must grow. We thank You, Father for your Word as the nourishment to help us grow the Fruits of the spirit. In Jesus name, Amen


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