Mon – June 5, 2023

Proverbs 3-5; Romans 10

In Romans 10, Paul shares that believing in God is not the same as believing in Christ.

Confused yet?  I was.  Hang on.  It gets clearer.

One of the things I love Paul is he, talks and talks, or writes, as the case maybe, and just when I think that I can’t possibly understand…boom..he makes it simple for me.

The question of why the Law of Moses if it was never going to save us.  If God knew we could never be made righteous with sacrifices and festivals, what was the point?  To prepare!

Like Pre K before starting school, the law was meant to show us the way.  To get us ready for the real thing.   To lead us to the wisdom that Solomon talks about in Proverb 3-5.

We can believe in the laws, and we can even follow those same laws as closely as possible for sinners like us, but we can never use them as a replacement for the real salvation.  Christ.

We as Christ followers are to tell others this information.  We must be prepared to give these answers. The question will undoubtedly come up. It always does. Mostly from those who want to discount the Word of God.

Are we as prepared as we should be to not only live as a believer but to actually know how to lead others with our words?

I sure hope I am.  I would hate for someone I love to miss the opportunity to live a life of eternity because I wasn’t prepared.

My prayer today is for guidance to lead.  To be prepared for the tough questions, or at least know the resources to get the answers others need.