Mon – March 20

Deuteronomy 6-9; Luke 7

Deuteronomy 6:4-9
Today was Baby Dedication Day at church. We watched as parents promised to love the Lord with all their heart, and to impress on their children how important it is for their children to do the same. They promised not only to make sure their children hear them worship, but to watch them worship as well. To see them read their Bible. To make it church even on the days when it’s not convenient.

In the verses above, Moses was encouraging the Israelites to to talk to their children day and night, but more importantly to bind those words on their foreheads. To make those words readily available to those children. To raise them up to love the Lord, and those words are still true today.

Just as important as building our foundation on a solid rock, so is beginning our littles foundation on that same rock.

On those days when we wonder if anything we are saying is making a difference, or whether they are even paying attention to what we are doing, it’s even more important to expose them to our patience and grace. Standing in faith that those seeds are being planted.

PRAYER: Father, For thousands of years You have instructed us to train our children to love you with all their hearts. Thank You, that You have been an example of the perfect father. Help us to remember that on the worst day, You are facing it all with us. Help us to be strong prayer warriors for not only the children we have now, but the ones You will bless us with when we least expect it.