Mon – May 8, 2023

1 Samuel 26-27; 1 Chronicles 8; Acts 18

Paul continues his 2nd missionary trip, and Saul continues to pursue David.

In each case, We can see how God was moving.  How each step was orchestrated to lead to the next.  Perfectly timed.

Abigail stopped David from killing Nabal, and other innocent people.  In the end, God took care of Nabal, and no innocent people were killed.

Aquila and Pricilla were sent from Rome, and bonded with Paul over tent making.  They wouldn’t have gone to Ephesus, but met Apollus who assisted in building up the early church.

While we go through our day, our lives, every moment, every part of a  strategic plan of God’s Will for our lives.  It becomes easy to question things.  The all to famous question, “Why does God let bad things happen?”  I don’t pretend to have that answer.  But, I also wonder if we knew “why” would it hurt less, or make it easier to deal with.  I don’t think so.

All I have is God’s promise that it WILL be used for His Glory.  His plan for my life.  And when I think of all He has used to make my life better, I have no reason to start doubting Him now.

Father, Not once have You left me alone.  In my darkest moments, my worst sin, my bad choices, You have always fought for me.   Thank You, that all of my life experiences have led me to these moments with You.  Amen!