Monday – April 15, 2024

Ruth 1-2; Acts 3

In both of these readings today we see how God uses the help that we offer others to encourage and inspire other things.

In Ruth, chapters 1-2, Naomi was broken. She has lost her husband and sons.  We aren’t sure how they died but we do know that she felt abandoned by God.  I wonder if that is why Ruth freely decided to give up her opportunity to have a family of her own.  Was she concerned about Naomi being alone in that state of mind?  It isn’t clear.  What is clear is that Ruth felt that Naomi needed her, and because Naomi had been so good to her she refused to leave alone.

In Acts 3, the cripple at the Beautiful Gate, only wanted money.  Did he think that was all he needed?  Maybe he thought that was all anyone could offer him.  Peter and John didn’t have money, so they offered him more help than the man expected.

Giving help may not always look like what the person in need thinks it should be.  “Help” is not always offering what is wanted, but is the “help” that is needed.

Father, give me the discernment to offer what is needed, not what is wanted.  In Jesus name-


  1. Rena Cook says:

    Thank you, Jesus for loving us and guiding us here we are uses today. Thank you, Meme. I love you.