Monday – April 29, 2024

1 Samuel 18-19, 1 Chronicle 3, Psalm59, Acts 13

One key point of  Acts 13 is the importance of being open to the leading of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Just as Paul and Barnabas were obedient to the Spirit’s direction, we too should be willing to step out in faith and share the message of Jesus with others.

Additionally, Acts 13 serves as a reminder that God’s plan for spreading the Gospel is not limited by human expectations. Through the work of the Holy Spirit, barriers are broken down, and people from all backgrounds have the opportunity to respond to the good news of Jesus Christ.

When I lean into my emotions, I  tend to make decisions that do not line up with God’s plan for me.  Rarely, to never,  is that a good idea.

God gave us the Holy Spirit so we don’t have to spend 40 days on a mountain top waiting to hear from him.  His Spirit is within us.

God, may my heart be open to the Holy Spirit.  Quiet my emotions and the annoying voices that sometimes are far to loud.  In Jesus Precious name.  Amen


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