Monday – August 28, 2023

Isaiah 23-25; 1 Corinthians 3

Overheard conversation between a grandmother and her 8 to 9 year old grandson. She asked him where his Bible was  After he told her he didn’t bring it, she began to explain that he needed his Bible all of the time.  That it was his sword.  The child responded, “I don’t need my sword right now.”

That young man doesn’t quite understand just yet how important where his foundation is being built is.  As adults, we are fools not to know where our foundation lies.

Psator Kevin spoke of it during prayer time yesterday. We can have most beautiful home.  Built with the finest stones,  and jewels, and masonry around, and we can reinforce the roof so that not a single leak would dare try to get through, but if we build on a false foundation, it will surely come crumbling down.

Paul makes it clear that there is only one foundation that is strong enough to withstand the worldly storms.

WhilE the storms of this world may rattle the bones of our structure and sometimes the roof will leak, but if we have chosen the foundation of Jesus, then we can weather the storms of this world, and remain strong.

How can we pray for you today?