Monday – December 11, 2023

Nehemiah 10-13; Revelation 8

As the Israelites returned to Jerusalem, the made a new commitment with God.  There was actually a “contract”.

These were ways they were to show their obedience, and honor to God.   There things like, do not let your daughters and sons marry the pagans. Do not trade on the sabbath.  They were to bring the first of their harvest to the temple. Depending on how big their fields or vineyards were, and how far they were from the temple, that could be quite a task.  I mean, they didn’t have the handy dandy trailers that we have to haul it all.

We are still required to make and do our best keep commitments to God.  While they may not be the same, they are just as important.

When we make our decision to accept Christ as our Lord and Savior, it  is important for us to honor God in all we do.

I pray that what I do on a daily basis honors God and not myself, or mankind.  That I honor God by committing my ways to the Lord.