Monday – January 15, 2024

Genesis 28-29; Mark 11

Jesus doesn’t ask us to do things He Himself doesn’t do.

In Mark chapter 10, Jesus tells us that in order to be first in heaven, we must serve others here.  He served by healing others, and teaching the Good News to all who would listen. He washed his disciples feet.   He came into Jerusalem, not  as the King He was to become, but as the  sacrificial lamb He was sent to be. Humbled, and hopeful.

In chapter 10, Jesus also tells the rich man to give everything he has to the needy.  Jesus gave the ultimate of all given for the needy.  His life for us.

There was an old Country and Western song that said, “O Lord, it’s hard to humble, when you’re perfect in every way…”.  It goes on to explain why the singer is perfect, and the only words I remember, besides the above, is that the singer talked of looking in mirrors, and that knowing him was  to love him.

The song was meant to be funny, for entertainment purposes only, but isn’t that how the Pharisees, and dare I say it, some people we know, actually feel?  Perfect.  Unstoppable.

We must be humble to serve.  We must serve to live Christ like.  We must live a Christ like life to have eternal freedom.

So as hard as it is, let’s try to stay humble, and open, and willing to serve.


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  2. Rena Cook says:

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Jesus gave the ultimate of all giving to the needy.

    Thank you, Lord you gave to us