Monday – July 10, 2023

1 Kings 12; 2 Chronicles 10-11; Titus 1

”Fear will drive you to unholy ends.”-The Bible Recap

Rehoboam, and Jeroboam both thought they should be king, and they both feared they would lose that opportunity. Because of that fear, both made choices that made things difficult, not only for them, but caused them to lead both north and south Israel astray.

When we make decisions that are self serving, and without connecting with God, they are never the right ones.   That’s not to say that any decision that is made in your favor is wrong.  God wants us to be happy, and even to have our hearts desires, if it is in line with His Will for our life.

Fear of losing cannot lead the way in our decision making.  Whether it’s a career decisions, family expansions, health choices, or the many other decisions we face, fear should never be the deciding factor. It never ends well.

Fear is normal.  David was fearful of Saul.  Jacob was afraid of Esau.  Peter was afraid of the crowds at Jesus’ arrest.  But fear should never be the leading factor.  While it can be a motivator, it can also be a deterrent.

TODAY’S PRAYER:  Father, I know Your love for me is greater than anything thing I could fear.  I trust You.  I know that anything I can do is so much better with You in my focus.  In Jesus name…