Monday – July 17, 2023

1 Kings 19-21; 2 Chronicles 17; Psalm 129; Matthew 1

In Psalm 129, the writer reminds us to have confidence during trials.  Explaining that the enemies of those who love the Lord will not have victory.  But what about the enemies of those who do not fear the Lord?

Ahab was an evil king.  He was moody and pouty when he didn’t get his way.  He was a BRAT! He refused the listen to Elijah.  For no other reason than what Elijah was saying what God had said and not what Ahab wanted to hear.  He also married a woman who was more interested in serving Baal and pleasing Ahab than being a God fearing woman.  It cost both of them.  It cost them their sons.

In Matthew, Joesph was placed in a situation that not many would be comfortable or even please with, but unlike Ahab, he did as God had instructed him to do.  As difficult as it was.  Though we don’t read much about Joseph, I know that whatever happened to him, he was without a doubt blessed for his courage.   I know because Psalm 129 tells us the enemies of those who fear the Lord will not have victory.

It’s amazing how we can see the God’s word didn’t change throughout hundreds of years, and even today.   Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.   Always.

What was your takeaway from the reading today?  Is one of your favorite verses in on of the chapters we are reading?  Let us know in the comments. We would love to hear from you.