Monday – July 3, 2023

1 Kings 10-11; 2 Chronicles 9; 1 Timothy 6

Yesterday, Pastor Kevin Hill talked about the King, the Kingdom, and the covenant.  He spoke of how faithful God was to NEVER break the covenant He has given us.  Even when we break ours with Him.

Solomon appeared untouchable to the human eye. He had wealth, power, respect, and powerful allies,

Here’s what else he had-a disobedient heart, wives and concubines that were forbidden, and other gods.

Solomon was the wisest man alive.  I can hardly wrap my mind around the idea that he was lured into those sins by deception.  I believe Solomon was a willing participant in his disobedience.  His eyes were open.

While there were retributions for Solomon’s disobedience, God never covenant was never broken.

PRAYER:  Father, thank You that You are faithful when I am not.   Forgive me when I am half heartedly following Your instruction for me.   In Jesus name..Amen.