Monday – July 31, 2023

Jonah, Matthew 11

“…don’t know what You’re doing, but I know what You’ve done. I’m fighting a battle You’ve already won.” are the words we sang today.

Sickness, questions, doubts, fears, difficult people, and situations daily that try our patience, and yes, even our love of others.

In Matthew 11, verse 2, John the Baptist questioned if Jesus was the Messiah. The one who knew in the womb that he was in the prescience of greatness (Luke 1:41), in a single moment wondered if Jesus was the one he was leading the way for. Jesus sent word for John to remember all He had done.

In the book of Jonah, a prophet who disobeyed God’s Will for his own. He was banished to a big fish’s belly where he repented and God forgave him. , and showed mercy to him, then became angry when God offered that same mercy to the Ninevites.

Both great men of God with same doubts, or thoughts that I have. Why?

John wondered why he was in jail when he could have been doing greater works for Christ if he went before Him. Or could he?

Jonah wondered why he needed to go to Nineveh when God was just going to show them mercy anyway. Was it a wasted trip?

God’s plan, which without fail, always contains mercy for all, is not for us to know. Obedience and thankfulness for the things already shown to us are our responsibility.

As I face things that I think could be handled in a different, or better, way, I should remember to focus on what He has done for me, and not what I want Him to do. I need to remember that all things work for God’s good.

Father, I am so thankful for ALL of my past blessings. While I don’t understand sometimes, today I choose to know with my whole heart that Your plan is better than mine. I choose to believe that when things get crazy and unrecognizable to me that you are still in control. In Jesus name, Amen