Monday – March 11, 2024

Numbers 26-29; Luke 2

When we are blessed with a child we can’t even begin to understand the depths of the highs, and lows, the twists and turns we are going to encounter. The things we will see that will make us happy, or be absolutely devastating.

I have two sons. There were hospital visits (sometimes two in the same day for different children), illness, broken bones, tantrums (mine included), and oh, the arguments between them.

There were also some of the most proud moments a mother can have. Footballs games, graduations, grandchildren.

Most of these things were a surprise to us. Somethings we weren’t sure we would survive from the heartbreak.

In Luke Chapter 2, we see Jesus grow and mature. We also see Him worry his earthly parents. They were proud of the man Jesus was becoming.

They had been told that they had been given this task of raising Jesus, but i am not sure they could comprehend the depths of the sacrifice they were making. They were as earthly as you and I. They were God loving and fearing people, but still human.

Jesus knew his assignment from a very young age, but Joesph and Mary couldn’t fully comprehend the depths of the assignment.

Prayer: Thank You, Father for the faithfulness of Joseph and Mary. But most of all thank You for Jesus. The redeemer, and savior.