Monday – May 20, 2024

2 Samuel 13-14; Acts 28

Family Ties:

Murder, betrayal, dishonor, sibling rivalry, lack of forgiveness, people in your business….

Sounds like the makings of one of those books I love to read.  Or, one of those “stories” (soap operas), as my Mom used to call them. Somehow it hits a little different when it’s your dirty laundry being aired.

I’ve noted before, even though David was chosen by God, his life was far from perfect, because David, himself, was human.  He was forced to make the same choices we are.  He was disappointed in his sons but loved them, none the less.

Grace for our children is second nature, even when they disappoint us.  Granted, sometimes I don’t offer that Grace to others  as quickly as God offers it to me, but I pray that I get better at it.

And like all of us, even after Grace, Absolom continued to need more.

Im so very thankful that God’s grace is endless, because just like Absolom, I need it-over and over again.

PRAYER:  Father, Thank you for your endless grace and mercy.  For your forgiveness.  I am powerless without it.  In Jesus name, Amen