Monday – May 6, 2024

1 Samuel 26-27; 1 Chronicles 8; Acts 18

Know where you stand before you’re standing there.

David had been running for his life from Saul for along time.  The emotions alone must have had his adrenaline pumping.  Confusion, and exhaustion must have been only a couple of emotions David was experiencing.

In verse 7, in that very moment David is presented with a chance to end all of the running, the confusion, and the chaos.  It seems David was handed the very root of all it on a silver platter.  Or, was this one of those “blessed opportunities” that Pastor Cody talked about in his sermon yesterday?

David was a man of honor, but first and foremost he was a man of God.  David made his mind up long before this moment to Honor God.  This also included respecting the ones that God had placed in the very position to cause all of David’s anguish.

Even though SAUL had been appointed by God, he used his “position” to cause David anguish.

David already knew that God would take care of his enemy, and He didn’t need David’s help to do it.

How many times a day (somedays an hour) are we faced with “challenges”?  Do we meet them with our eyes on the Lord?  Have we made those decisions on how to react long before we are in that situation?

Father in Heaven, As I sit here comfortably in my home, with my “ blessed opportunities” far from me I can quote all the right answers.  I want to know where I stand before I am standing there.  Help me to remember that even my worst battles are Your battles.  In Jesus name, Amen


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