Monday – November 20, 2023

Ezra 1-2; John 21

King Cyrus was a Pagan.  He was the one who had attacked Jerusalem, and took the Israelites as slaves.  He took the treasures in the temple, for no other reason than he could.   He was powerful, and had defeated all of the countries around him.

The one thing he could not defeat was when God moved in his heart.

The book of Ezra doesn’t point to a specific incident that happened that made King Cyrus have a change of heart.  Just that God moved in his heart.

Even though God had made a promise to the Israelites to bring them back to their land, I can’t help but imagine that they probably saw no end in site and became discouraged at times. I imagine that, because that is what I would do!

God’s promise is without fail.  It’s impossible for Him not to keep His word.  As I said, Chapters 1-2 of Ezra doesn’t shed light on why, only that when God said move, this Pagan obeyed.

Believing doesn’t activate God’s promise, it just makes it easier to wait patiently for His Word to come to pass.

Today I’m going to believe that God’s Word is more powerful than anything I face.

Praying for you all!