Monday – October 23, 2023

Ezekiel 1-3; John 1

I love to tell the stories of God’s goodness and grace.  He’s our Father. He’s wise and kind.  Loving and encouraging. Protector. Provider.  But make no mistake, He is also our authority, and He commands we obey His word.  And there are consequences when we don’t.

Ezekiel was a priest who God appointed a profit.  The first thing I noticed as reading chapter 1 was the similarities to the description of the angels here and in Revelation.

Ezekiel was a man of God, but his work was about to take a turn.  Either for the worse or the better, but it was up to Ezekiel to decide.

God said tell them these things and whether they listen or not, isn’t your problem, but not telling them these things, becomes your problem as well.

God instructs to love others, and tell them about Him.  Whether they follow God’s word or not is between them and God.

My not witnessing to others is between me and God!

My prayer today is that my heart and eyes be open to witness to others, and their heart be open to receive it.

DAILY PRAYER – What baggage am I holding onto that is hindering my relationship with God?